AVOTAB is far superior to bleach in various ways – more effective, multi-purpose, safer, more convenient, and more sustainable. Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) found in AVOTAB solution and hypochlorite (OCL-) found in bleach solution. Studies have shown that HOCL has 4x more disinfection power than the hypochlorite ion. HOCL is very similar to the water molecule allowing easy penetration through the negatively charged cell wall. Unlike bleach, AVOTAB is non-hazardous for health (including children) or the environment. It is safe for bare hands due to its 5.5-7.0 pH value. Besides its convenience (you only need to add them in water) AVOTAB is also cost-effective in terms of transporting, storing, and handling due to its compact and lightweight form.  

AVOTAB is far superior to other disinfectant, in terms of microbial activity, safety and cost. Not only it kills up to spores but also safe to use on bare hand, and any surface. 

AVOTAB effervescent tablets contain an active ingredient that is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) as one of the safest disinfectants, even for water purification. AVOTAB also has a 5.5 – 7.0 pH value which is not harmful to humans. 

It’s safe, as AVOTAB WILL NOT LEAVE ANY HARMFUL RESIDUE behind after its use.

If used in the recommended dosage, AVOTAB is unlikely to cause any kind of allergic reactions.

Do not recommend because it may cause declining in efficacy. 

Do not rinse after disinfection as it will reintroduce contamination. AVOTAB will not leave any harmful residue on the surface when it is completely dried up. Nevertheless, for fruit or vegetable to be consumed immediately, rinse well with potable or purified water.

In an open container, the solution is stable for 24 hours. Stable solution can be stored for 3 days in a CLOSED bottle or container. Kindly store within a room temperature, and stay away from the direct contact from sunlight. 

AVOTAB is a biodegradable product thus will not cause any environmental damage. 

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